Moonlight: Lantern powered by the Sun


As the light of the moon is a reflection from the sun, so is the power of the MoonLight lantern coming from the heat of the sun. Moonlight is one of the practical and multi-functional solar-powered tools developed by Kamworks. It can be used as a lantern when farmers go out to their farms early in the morning; it can be fixed in the house as a lamp to provide light at night; and it can even charge cell phones!

Moonlight is a good alternative for kerosene lamp in the rural areas or a battery flashlight that needs new batteries often. It is lightweight, safe and can be carried by children without fear of electric shock, smoke or fire. It is also convenient since one day exposure of its small panel will provide power that will last for a maximum of 6 hours.

The lifespan of the Moonlight is 5 years and it carries a warranty of 6 months. If it is broken, it has spare parts in Cambodia and repairs are done in the assembly plant of Kamworks in Kandal province. The assembly plant employs young Cambodian technicians as well.

The Cambodian SUN program offers Moonlight as one of its products. The program is also supporting the development of new solar-powered tools and products and the enhancement of existing products to help in improving the living condition of people in areas where access to electricity is limited. It is hoped that people even in areas covered by the electric grid will use products like Moonlight and gradually shift to more renewable sources of energy.

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