Social Performance Management (SPM) Training for Microfinance Institutions

Social Performance Management (SPM) is a management tool used to translate the mission statement of microfinance institutions into reality and be able to keep track on how they perform in line with the internationally and socially accepted indicators. This will ensure that MFIs will continue to serve the poor, despite the issue of commercialization and moving towards bigger borrowers.

A training of trainers will be conducted in Cambodia and Vietnam for selected MFIs to re-enforce the capacities of the respective SPM point persons in providing guidance as mentors in the process of SPM institutionalization. The training activities are slated on August 13-17 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia; and August 20-24 in Hanoi, Vietnam. The topics covered in the training are coaching and mentoring skills, social performance standards and client protection principles.

The training is expected to develop in-house pool of capable SPM point persons whose major role is to ensure that SPM is in-place in their respective MFIs. The knowledge transfer gained out of this effort will pave the way to disseminate and expand SPM adaptation among other MFIs in the two countries. The entire process of SPM institutionalization is part of the various technical assistance provided by PlaNet Finance, in partnership with the Cambodia Microfinance Association (CMA) and the Vietnam Microfinance Working Group (MFG) to strengthen their over-all institutional capacities, under the project “Improving Financial Inclusion and Social Impact Towards Food Security in Southeast Asia” (FinInc Asia).

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