MARKET RESEARCH: Know your customers

Making finance inclusive begins by understanding the current financial management practices of potential clients and their unmet needs. In addition, there is a psychological aspect to financial decision-making that needs to be explored.

ACCESS is a highly data-driven organization, and its market research program is a structured journey from data to financial inclusion. Using a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods, ACCESS builds a financial profile of rural clients as well as understands the hopes, dreams and limiting beliefs that drive their usage of financial services.

In-depth research on clients is combined with supply studies for benchmarking purposes and broader mapping exercises to estimate market size and identify potential service partners.


  • Demand and supply studies
  • Sector analysis
  • Competitor analysis/benchmarking
  • Client mapping


Financial decisions are often influenced by emotions that stem from past experiences, as well as hopes, dreams, and limiting beliefs.

An understanding of the factors driving financial behavior helps clarify what needs are unmet, why, and how to respond.


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